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RADIO PINEAPPLE: A 1930's fruit can label titled 'Radio Pineapple)
Stock #1701, Price $5.00
RADIO GAME: Another radio game by Parker Bros., not a large game in physical size but has great graphics. Inside has just some playing cards, no instructions. Sold mainly for the box cover graphics, size 7 1/2 x 4 5/8.
Stock #1702, Price $ sold
RADIO GAME: A radio game by Alderman Fairchild Co. and copyright 1926. Nice graphic, size of box is 11 1/2W x 11 1/2H. Comes with spinner and 4 tiny metal horn speakers as game pieces.
Stock #1703, Price $ sold
RADIO GAME: Radio game by Milton Bradley, #4884. Nice graphics, age estimated early 1920's. Size is 10 1/8w X 6 1/4H. Left box is good++, right box good-/fair++.
Stock #1704, Price $88.50 & 69.50
RADIO GAME: Milton Bradley radio game #4625 from 1920's. Large box is 15 1/8W x 9 inches high. Box is good-, makes a nice display piece.
Stock #1705, Price $ sold
RADIO GAME: Milton Bradley radio game #4625 from 1920's. Large box is 15 1/8W x 9 inches high. Box is fair++, makes a nice display piece.
Stock #1706, Price $25.00
RADIO GAME: Milton Bradley radio game #4625 from 1920's. Large box is 15 1/8W x 9 inches high. Box is fair, makes a nice display piece..
Stock #1707, Price $ Sold
RADIO GAME: Milton Bradley radio game #4625 from 1920's. Large box is 15 1/8W x 9 inches high. Box is good--, has a crease upper left side. Makes a nice display piece.
Stock #1708, Price $ sold
RADIO GAMES: Very popular in the 1920's, this is a take-off of a Bingo game but with the words RADIO. National (left) is 6 X10 inches, Pioneer (right is 6 x 9 5/8H. Both in good condition.
Stock #1710, $15.00 each
RADIO COLORING SET: A childs coloring set with radio realted graphics. Box is large - 17 1/2 X 13 inches high. In average good condition, sold mainly for cover graphics.
Stock #1711, $40.0
BOARD GAME: A combination board game by Wilder Co., has the word RADIO as one of the games. Size is 7 5/8 x 12 1/2H, good condition except one side flap missing.
Stock #1712 $28.00
RADIO GAME: Radio Plug WKZO, copyright 1938 by Frank Pero of Kalamazoo, MI. In good condition, 11 3/8 x 11 3/8.
Stock #1713, $34.00
RADIO TOY: A childs toy radio from the 1920's. Called the Radio Tinker Toy by Toy Tinkers of Evanston, IL. Made of lithographed tin with wood top and bottom. Nice condition, 8 1/4W x 6 inches high.
Stock #1714, $ sold
RADIO TOOTHPICK HOLDERS: Cute ceramic figures of a dog listening to a radio with headphones. The first 3 are different versions, made in Japan 1920's?. They are 3 inches wide. The fourth is made in Germany and may be a Gommel?, this one is very hard to find.
Stock #1715, $30.00 ea., right $65.50
PLASTER RADIOS: Left is an ADDISON, 2nd an Emerson, 3rd a FADA - sold, 4th Xmas ornament -sold, 5th a cathedral radio - sold.
Stock #1716, $23, $14, $0, $0, $0
MISC. RADIOS: First 3 are refrigerator magnets, 4th doll house radio, 5th is wood, 6th is plastic. Last 2 are sold.
Stock #1717, $ 0, 3, 3, 2, 0, 0
GILBERT TUBE PUZZELS: A.C. Gilbert Radio Tube Tricks, has 4 holes to get tubes into holes. First is metal, others cardboard. Priced according to condition.
Stock #1718, $00, 00, 00, 16, 16
MAJESTIC BANKS: Cast iron banks from Majestic Radio Co., made in 1930's. All in good or better condition.
Stock #1719, $58, $50, $50
PLASTIC RADIO BANKS: Colored plastic radio banks of unknown age. All in good or better condition, 1st on left is sold.
Stock #1720, $25.00 ea.
RADIO NOVELTIES: First two are Xmas ornaments, hung by rope in top hole. Next three are doll house furniture radios, last missing slide out drawer. All sold except 2nd of left.
Stock #1721, $0, $10, $0, $0, $0
RADIO BANKS: Cast iron radio banks from Kenton Co., made in 1920's. First one has been repainted, 2nd has original paint (fr++) and is missing door latch (does not effect display of it).
Stock #1722, $85, $85
RADIO NOVELTIES: Left is a 1920's TUNE-IN RADIO candy container, missing bottom plate, 2nd is a glass radio bank, 3rd is another candy container with metal bottom.
Stock #1723, $65, $20, $85
RADIO NOVELTIES: Plaster cathedral radio planter, 2nd is a wood TV, 3rd is a console radio bank by Helsyl.
Stock #1724, $ sold, $ sold, $ 25
RADIO GAMES:. Radio games played like Bingo. From 1920/30's? Both are 10W x 6 inches high and in vgd condition,
Stock #1725, $ both sold

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